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To Be a Beatlemaniac - Graduation

Answers and References

Answered here 10 out of 70 Points raised on this LINK

1. To identify the four silhouettes without blinking
They are the 4 Beatles walking on the cover of Abbey Road, in the same order, obeying a Z shape, George, Paul, Ringo and John! 
I talk more about the cover here, in this link

2. To know who is lead singer in 'Do You Want To Know a Secret?’
It's George Harrison. 
On the Beatles' first LP, George didn't have any compositions yet, so John and Paul gave him that original Lennon/McCartney to shine! This would also be repeated in A Hard Day’s Night, the third LP, which only had originals by Lennon/McCartney, and George sang “I’m Happy Just To Dance With You”. 
More about George, here, at this link

3. To know who is the older Beatle.
Ringo Starr!
He's just turned 80 last July 7th. Then came John, who was born on October 9, 1940 and Paul, on June 18, 1942 and George, on February 25, 1943. 
I spoke about this here, on this link

4.  To know which Beatle plays the keyboard with his elbow
In some live performances of “I’m Down”, magnificent rock of 1965, composed by Paul, John abandons the guitar and plays a keyboard, maddening the audience, and uses his elbow in the most solo parts. At the first of them, in Shea Stadium, New York, Paul laughs a lot!
See and hear here on this link

5. To know which Beatle is left-handed, and plays as left-handed
He plays his bass adapted for lefties, with inverted strings and buttoms. I had to qualify the information because Ringo is also left-handed, but he plays a drums for righties. 
I talked about it here, on this link

6. To think about George Martin and not remember books and series
Yes, for us, the 'main' George Martin is the conductor of Abbey Road, who hired the Beatles and was of paramount importance in many recordings and innovations that brought revolution to the Music World, in addition to making classic arrangements for 'classics' like “Yesterday”, "Eleanor Rigby", "She's Leaving Home", and the soundtrack for the movie "Yellow Submarine", and so many others. No, he is NOT the author of Game of Thrones. 
More about Martin, here on this link

7. To know the first album to show the lyrics of the songs.
It was “Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band ”, from 1967.  
And it was not just the first Beatles album to show an insert with the lyrics, but the first album in the history of music to do that. 
See more about this cover here on this link

8. To know how many studio albuns do not to have Beatles images on the cover (during their career)
Only ONE. 
It was the White Album, from 1968, which was done just to counter the 'a lot of information' from the previous LP, mentioned above. There was also nothing written in color, just the official name of the album “The BEATLES” in raised letters. Then came “Past Masters # 1 and # 2”, collections of songs released only in singles and other formats, considered as official discography, also without images of them! 
More about the White Album here on this link

9. To know that “Let It Be” was not the last album recorded by the Beatles
Well, many think that the album released after the Beatles' formal end in April 1970 was the last one. NO! It was recorded before “Abbey Road”, in January 1969, but it was rejected !!! 
A long story I told here on this link:

10. To know what was the biggest income tax rate in England at the time
George Harrison made a song for Revolver, called 'Taxman' and he said 
     Let me tell you how it will be
     It's one for you, nineteen for me
     Cause I'm the Taxman, Yeeeah the Taxman
Well,  19 out of 20 is, ONLY, 95%. It was the maximum rate for the very very millionaires, which was their case!!! In time, the correct rate is 94%. George rounded it to fit, very nicely, in the letter.
And by the time of the war, it had been even greater, 99.25% !!!
This and other facts about “Revolver”, here, on this link


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