domingo, 4 de março de 2007

Vá censurar filme assim lá na ..... Air France

Air France    Flight 147
From:           Paris
To:               New Delhi
Date:            March, 4th 2007
Passenger:    Homero Ventura
Class:            Executive (Affaire)

Complaint:     Censored Movie

I was happy to notice that Air France was offering Casino Royale as one of the movies available for the Executive Class passengers. So, I would have the opportunity to watch again the magnificent return of 007, with a new actor on board, this time without sub-titles, that was the way I saw it in Brazil.
Well, headphones in place, I turned on the screen, but I missed the first scene. And soon, began the anger. After a magnificent chase, on feet, Bond was supposed to kill the chased guy at the embassy, but, ooops, the shooting is not there!  I thought it was a mistake of the edition. Then, the train scene, with an unforgettable dialogue, I was waiting for its best part, when Vesper tells that she would keep an eye on Bond’s cute butt or ass (or something like that) and he replies: “You noticed it!”. Nothing there! Scene deleted! At this very moment, I realized that censorship was on the broadcasting: violence on the first cut, language on second. Anger was definitely in my soul. Further, a complete scene was deleted: the Bond’s heart attack scene. No reason for that, what’s the deal? The important passage was simply omitted! Then, the greatest of all: in the torture scene, the most memorable portion, “You will be known as the one who have scratched my balls ….”, and, right after, he screams: “More to the right!”, or something similar, was simply deleted. Language& Violence, I see! Finally, an unusual weapon shoot in the eye of an enemy is gone. Violence again? I understand, in the other way around, this as a violence with me, as a passenger viewer.
If you are to do such a crime to the audience, you have to be very specific. I found no mention on your flight magazine about you intention to cut scenes. The only reference is that the movie is unproper for all audiences, or something like that. Unfortunately, I don’t have it here. I wrote a report in your flight magazine form, in a hurry, still on board of the flight, when I realized that it would last 1:20 minutes less than the forecast (congratulations, what happened?), but have received no response from you, so far, so I emphasize my complaint in this message.
The example you have given in “Casino Royale” leeds me to avoid watching any other movies you offer in your flights, from now on. This time, I realized that you change the character of the movie. You delete from it some scenes, essential for the understanding of the plot. How can I keep watching the moves you provide, if you remove some important scenes?
The anger is still with me.
What should it be done to compensate it?
Homero Ventura
Resultado: Uma carta com sinceros pedidos de desculpas e ..... nada mais!