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To Be a Beatlemaniac - Master Degree

Answers and References

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11. To know who gave the inspiration for “Eight Days a Week"
It was a taxi driver!

John had taken a taxi to Paul's home on 57 Wimpole Street, and in the conversation he asked, "How's life?" and the guy replied "Pretty fine! Working eight days a week!!"

Then, on arriving, John said, "I've got a title for our new song!", And went to the attic, where he lived, at the home of Jane Asher, his girlfriend.
Then, on arriving, John said, "I've got a title for our new song!", And went to the attic, where he lived, at the home of Jane Asher, his girlfriend.
That was the story as I knew it. Now, two friends who came to this point in the game told me that was the other way around, That was Paul in the cab, going to John's residence in Weybridge.Well, anyway, still a taxi driver!!

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12. To know which was the first Beatle to be a father 
It was John. 
He was the first Beatle to get married. Cynthia Powell, his Liverpool girlfriend, was already pregnant, and he did not deny his responsibility in 1963, already at the beginning of fame. The marriage was kept hidden as much as possible by manager Brian Epstein, how could he, instrument of desire for millions of girls, to be trapped like this? Even 'responsible', John did not give up the profusion of girls who presented himself to him, and Cynthia was getting very sad. His son Julian was also a sad boy with an absent father, so much so that he deserved from Paul one of the best songs of all time, Hey Jude, made for him.
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13. To know which Beatle came up with Abbey Road cover idea 
It was Ringo! 
The name of the last album was  beingdiscussed, and how its cover would be, ideas swarmed, Everest, Pyramids of Egypt, Coliseum, there were talks of high costs, but Ringo was not willing to take chances in exotic places, which would force him to eat canned beans again, as he did in India, and dropped this: “Oh, come on !! Let’s cross the street and call it Abbey Road!!”. It was 1969, and that record would be the last of the Beatles and that cover would be the most famous record cover of all time, at the cost of a few hundred pounds.
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14. To know which is the only LP to feature only Lennon/McCartney songs
"A Hard Day's Night" was the only one with only Lennon / McCartney songs. It was the soundtrack to the film of the same name, about Beatlemania. One of the songs was sung by George and Ringo had no lead vocal moment. 
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15. To know who is Martha, invoked in the song “Martha, My Dear” 

It was Paul's Sheep Dog. 
He was the author of the song for the White Album, of 1968. In 1995, Paul released a live album with excerpts from his fantastic and highly successful world tour. The album cover shows Abbey Road, with a similar beetle and parked in the same spot of the cover and he, Paul, being pulled by a dog of the same breed as his former dog. 
More about it, here in this link

16. To know who told the audience to 'rattle the jewerly
It was John. 
In November 1963, on a gala night at the Prince of Whales Theater when, in the presence of Queen Elizabeth II's mother and sister, John Lennon made a famous and anthological appeal, before the final song 
     For the next number, I would like to ask for your help.  
     Will those in the cheaper seats clap your hands?  
     The rest of you just rattle your jewelry!  
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17. To know which song introduced the citar to Rock
It's "Norwegian Wood", John's composition for the album Rubber Soul (1965). It was the first time that a citar appeared in a rock song. George Harrison had already started his passion for Indian things and ideas, brought the instrument from a trip, learned the basics, and played the unforgettable opening chords of the song.
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18. To know the Beatles' first single position in England charts 
It was place 17.
The single Love Me Do / P.S. I Love You reached 17th place on the English charts, a feat never before achieved by any other artist in his debut work. Gossips ​​said that, in fact, much of that initial success had been guaranteed by Brian Epstein, who, in his quest to get a good debut, would have bought an obscene amount (Remember Richard Gere in Pretty Woman!) of copies for NEMS, a chain of record stores owned by him in Liverpool.
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19. To know the manager who dismissed the Beatles saying: "We don’t like their sound. Guitar groups are on their way out
Dick Rowe.  
On January 1, 1962 (that's right, on the first holiday of the year!), the guys, still with Pete Best on drums, had done an extensive studio test on Decca Records, EMI's main competitor at that time, where Dick Rowe, the boss of the record company, decreed this prophetic maxim and rejected the group! The "genius" still received a second chance and hired the Rolling Stones the following year.
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20. To know which Beatle heard: “Playing the guitar is all very well, dear, but you'll never make a living at it.
It was John! 
He was very fond of his aunt Mimi, with whom he lived since his mother Julia left him! As soon as he made enough money with the Beatles, he gave her, as a gift, a beautiful beach house, fully furnished, with a picture with a guitar painted in oil and an inscription in golden letters that repeated those "wise and prophetic" words.
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