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To Be a Beatlemaniac, a State of Mind?

Over the past 15 days, I have entertained my readers with a series of posts with the main theme of my blog. I didn't plan to evolve from the first one, but I had so much fun that it got bigger and bigger until it got to the cabalistic number 7. It was inspired by an image of the four Beatles in silhouette that I immediately identified who each one of them was, and I thought, 'Wow, I think you need to be a Beatlemaniac to identify, on a blink, who those figures are ...'.

And I made that question in groups about Beatles on Facebook, many of them got it right, others didn't, some said: 'That's easy, send another one!', And I proposed the second one, then the third, the fourth and the fifth one. And only then, I decided to make it official on the blog, and listed five others besides the initial five ones, forming a set of 10. And I offered the answers, allways sending them to a post on the subject I had already written.

I published the link in my Whatsapp groups, it was well received and all, but in my group of colleagues, now ex-ones (we're retired), great friends of mine, one of them, whom I consider my Beatles Guru, he, just him, did not answer, and then I said: "The Guru must not have liked it ... he is quiet!" ... and in fact, he hated it, and he expressed his feelings in a grand statement:

Being a Beatlemaniac is a state of mind!
It can not be measured in a quiz!

I loved it!

And I changed my initial post to include it, and it is on the title of this post!

However, as I didn't have a 'state of mind' meter, I followed.

Therefore, after the initial set of questions, I decided to follow with another one, and I defined that first one as Graduation, and then, naturally, a second of 10 Points would be the Master's Degree, where I increased the difficulty level of the points of the challenge, a little bit. Then came the PhD, and then the Post-PhD, and then, Full Professour, and, finally, the Chair levels. Then, they made up 6 sets of 10 points. I thought I couldn't finish like that, and it would be better to finish with a cabalistic 7, and I decided to honor that friend of mine, and I named the seventh level GURU!

So, I completed 70 Beatlemaniac Challenge Points, which I will list below, per group of 10, and for each one, I offer a link to the answers.

Please see that my intention is not to challenge people, despite calling it a challenge, but rather, to spread my knowledge about Beatles, in a ludic way. Everything I proposed was based on topics that I had already written about on my blog, in a way that, to each response from the feedback, I offered a link to my blog for further clarification. In fact, there were 3 or 4 questions that I really wanted to ask, but I realized that I hadn’t written anything about it. So, I created them!!! So now there are 3 or 4 new Beatles posts on my beloved blog.

And I liked the project so much that I even decided to translate it into English, to reach some international Facebook groups, for which I appologyze for the poor English writing of a non-native speaker.

Just to conclude it, if Beatlemania were divided into three levels, Low, Medium and High, I, safely and humbly, position myself there in the Medium one! There are so many people who know so much more than me!

Well then, please follow the 70 Points I proposed and find at each 'academic level', or every 10 Points, the links to the answers !!


1. Graduation

To Be a Beatlemaniac is
1. To identify the four silhouettes of the above image without blinking!  
2. To know who is lead singer in' Do You Want To Know a Secret?   
3. To know who is the older Beatle  
4. To know which Beatle plays the keyboard with his elbow  
5. To know which Beatle is left-handed, and plays as left-handed  
6. Think about George Martin and not remember books and series  
7. To know the first album to show the lyrics of the songs  
8. To know how many albuns have no Beatles images on the cover (during their career)  
9. To know that Let It Be was not the last album recorded by the Beatles 
10. To know which was the biggest income tax rate in England (HINT on a Beatle song)
Answers and References for Graduation Level, at this LINK

2. Master Degree 

To Be a Beatlemaniac is
11. To know who gave the inspiration for “Eight Days a Week"
12. To know which was the first Beatle to be a father 
13. To know which Beatle came up with Abbey Road cover idea
14. To know which is the only LP to feature only Lennon?McCartney songs
15. To know who is Martha, invoked in the song “Martha, My Dear 
16. To know who told the audience to 'rattle the jewerly' 
17. To know which song introduced the citar to Rock
18. To know the Beatles' first single position in England charts 
19. To know the record manager who dismissed the Beatles saying: "We don’t like their sound. Guitar groups are on their way out" 
20. To know which Beatle heard: “Playing the guitar is all very well, dear, but you'll never make a living at it.

Answers and References for Master Level, at this LINK

3. PhD Degree

To Be a Beatlemaniac is
21. To know which Beatle played for an American President 
22. To know what 'Lost Weekend' meant for a Beatle 
23. To know which Beatle was stabbed 
24. To know which Beatle has blue eyes 
25. To know which Beatle song is a Beethoven sonata in reverse 
26. To know which Beatle has an unbeatable Guinness Record 
27. To know what ‘Boleto Para Pasear’ means, or ‘Déjalo Ser’ 
28. To know when manager Brian Epstein first met The Beatles 
29. To know what the movie 'Rosemary's Baby' has to do with The Beatles 
30. To know where is the error in the sentence: “Frank Sinatra said that ‘Something’ is the most beautiful song by Lennon / McCartney'
Answers and References for PhD Level, at this LINK

4. Post-PhD Degree

To Be a Beatlemaniac is

31. To know which beatle song has a Brazilian voice 
32. To know the only beatle song to be Grammy awarded 'Song of the Year' 
33. To know which beatle song has a non-beatle lead vocal 
34. To know what song happens in the American Old West 
35. To know which LP has more George Harrison compositions  
36. To know which record sold 13.5 million copies in a single month, decades after the band's demise 
37. To know which song had the working title "The Void" 
38. To know the first time the term 'Beatlemania' came up 
39. To know in which George song Paul plays the guitar solo 
40. To know who played bass guitar before Paul
Answers and References for Post-PhD Level, at this LINK

5. Full Professor Degree

To Be a Beatlemaniac is
41. To know who Ivan Vaughan was 
42. To know how Mother Mary died 
43. To know who 'YOU' is in the song 'Got to get YOU into my life'
44. To know who had the nickname Lazarus in childhood  
45. To know what 'traveling wilburys' means
46. ​​To know the 'British Brain of Beatles' 
47. To know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall
48. To know how many songs the Beatles recorded 
49. To know how John's mother died 
50. To know a drawing painted and signed by the four Beatles 
 Answers and References for Full Professor Level, at this LINK

6. Chair Degree

To Be a Beatlemaniac is
51. To know which Beatle song was played live for a Space Station  
52. To know who hailed Eric Clapton for his 'Psycho' Guitar  
53. To know which Beatle song had the only triple guitar duel 
54. To know which Oscar-winning actor appeared in Concert for George 
55. To know which Head of State was in the crowd to see Paul up close 
56. To know the original name of the song Jealous Guy 
57. To know how Paul named the grasshopper on his shoulder, at a concert in Brazil 
58. To know which US locations appear in Beatles songs 
59. To know which is the only single from John to reach #1 on the American charts  
60. To know who created the name of the song, LP and movie A Hard Day's Night
 Answers and References for Chair Level, at this LINK

7. GURU Degree

To Be a Beatlemaniac is 

 61. To know what was bought to protect the microphones from the wind                at the Rooftop Concert  
62. To know what song Jim Carey interpreted in the compilation 'In My Life'
63. To know how Morecambe called Ringo on a 1963 TV show 
64. To know which was the first Buddy Holly song recorded by The Beatles  
65. To know which song the Beatles recorded with Tony Sheridan 
66. To know the meaning of the beige Beetle license plate on the cover of Abbey Road 
67. To know in what song it's said: I'm sitting here, doing nothing but aging
68. To know which film Spielberg produced with the Beatles as a theme 
69. To know what the Beatles most often cited in songs: men, women, animals or places 
70. To know how many times Paul McCartney released an One-Man-Band Album?
  Answers and References for GURU Level, at this LINK


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