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Paul is Back in US

(este texto agora faz parte da Paul Week, 
em comemoração de  aniversário de Paul McCartney - 78 anos ) 

Em inglês, porque divulguei para o escritório todo!

Log of Paul McCartney show "Back in the US" on Compaq Center, Houston, October 13th, 2002

  • 3 Hours of emotions, no intermission!
  • I can't remember a single song that I could say: "Oh, that's a shame that he didn't sing it!"
  • And he surprised me with 3 songs that I never could imagine he would perform on stage, one of them 'She's Leaving Home'!!!
Are you ready?
Regular Show
1.       Hello Good Bye                 (on bass) - from The Beatles
2.       All My Loving                     (on bass) - from The Beatles
3.       Jet                                    (on bass) - from Wings
4.       Can't buy me love             (on bass) - from The Beatles
5.       Getting Better                  (on guitar) - from The Beatles
6.       Every Night                      (on acoustic guitar) - from first solo time
7.       Blackbird                          (on acoustic guitar) - from The Beatles
8.       We Can Work It Out          (on acoustic guitar) - from The Beatles
9.       Here Today                      (on acoustic guitar) - Tribute to John Lennon from second solo time
10.    Something                            (on ukelele) - Tribute to George Harrison
      from The Beatles
11.     You Never Give me Your Money (on piano) - from The Beatles
12.    Carry That Weight            (on piano) - from The Beatles
13.    3 songs from Driving Rain (on bass) (his last CD)
16.    Fool on The Hill                (on piano) - from The Beatles
17.    Freedom                           (on acoustic guitar) - Tribute to 09.11
18.    Michelle                            (on guitar) - from The Beatles
19.   Band On The Run               (on bass) - from Wings
20.   She's Leaving Home           (on guitar) - from The Beatles
21.   My Love                             (on piano) - from Wings
22.   Eleanor Rigby                     (on guitar) - from The Beatles
23.   Coming Up                          (on guitar) - from Wings
24.   Let Me Roll It                      (on bass) - from Wings
25.   Midnight _____                  (on acoustic guitar) - from Texas Folklore
26.   Maybe I'm Amazed              (on piano) - from Wings
27.   Live and Let Die                  (on piano) - from Wings
28.   Let'em In                             (on piano) - from Wings
29.   Let It Be                              (on piano) - from The Beatles
30.   Hey Jude                             (on piano) - from The Beatles
First Comeback
31.   Long and  Winding Road       (on piano) - from The Beatles 
32.   Lady Madonna                      (on piano) - from The Beatles
33.   Yesterday                            (on acoustic guitar) - from The Beatles
34.   When I Saw Her Standing There (on bass) - from The Beatles

Second Comeback
35.   Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - Reprise      (on guitar) - from The Beatles
36.   The End                               (on guitar) - from The Beatles

  •          36 songs!!!!!
  • Let alone his extremely good humour (a little Brittish), that made us laugh a lot, with several short stories.
  • Let alone his amazingly good band, excellent musicians, all singing back vocals very well.     
  • Let alone the 20 minutes introduction with several Circus Artists on a Cirque-du-Soleil-like performance!
  • Let alone the immense Screen System, with One very Big Screen and 18 smaller ones!

Well, prior to this show, I had seen “In The Flesh”, a show from Roger Waters, held in Woodlands Pavillion in 2000, when the bass player and greatest lyricist  of Pink Floyd performed some of the best Pink Floyd Classics, alongwith some amazing hits from his best solo album “Amused to Death”. 

That performance had granted the title of “Best Ever In My Life” and “A Dream Come True”. After the night of October 13th, 2002, at least the first has been changed. 

This Paul’s is now the Best!

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  1. Que privilégio assistir a esse show de Paul McCartney, em outubro de 2002, em Houston. Cantou 36 vezes, ncluindo a primeira e segunda volta, pós aplausos. De todas, minhas favoritas são: _Something, Michelle, Let it be,_ e _Yesterday_.