sábado, 20 de setembro de 2008

Missing Booklet

DEAR SIR OR MADAM would you please forward this letter to PAUL?
Dear Paul,
Please allow me to talk to you in this way.
Second, as non-native-English-writer, please forgive me some mistakes in this letter!
Well, you've been taking part of my music life since I was 6, when my brother took me to a disc store, to choose one of them, as a birthday gift, and I rapidly chose one sleeve that showed several guys in funny faces over a red background (in Brazil, don't ask me why, it was not blue!), named 'The Kings of Yeah Yeah Yeah'. The music got me hooked, and still hooked I am, 44 years later.
Along the recent years, when I drive to my work and back home, I use to re-listen the Beatles official disk set at least once a year. And also your (and John´s) solo career (not every year, I must confess!). At this very moment, I am sitting in the front seat of my car, hearing 'Riding to Vanity Fair', from 'Chaos and Creation in the Backyard', the most inspired of your production in this century, allow my humble opinion (now, it's 'Promise to you girl').
Not sure about your own opinion on that. Maybe, they may not coincide, and it may be affected by the recent facts that let you alone when you were 64. I blame that disease that, 10 years ago, took from you the one you deserved to have by your side in that special year. That celebration was anxiously awaited for by most of the Beatles lovers, like me. We hoped that the lady you had for almost 30 years everynight except those couple of days in Tokyo, would be with you. That lady did it good to you, in a time when you used to romance dragonflies flying by your window. Unfortunately, June 2006 came, and you had no one the share the moment, and it made me sad. (Now, I reached that magnificent piece of instrumental music, after 'Anyway', by the way, why didn't it deserve a special track?)
I have nothing to do with that, I do not read tabloids, specially conjectures about private moments.
What I know is that I love that disc (now, after a brief ride back home it's the delicious 'English Tea' with a touch of 'For No One'). It is another opportunity of admiring, also, your skills as a one-man-band, amazingly performing an obscene number of instruments, putting them together in a harmonic way (helped by Nigel). My son, now 20 and a Beatles lover also, admires this way, and would love to have a studio to do that (and he could do the violin part also).
And now comes the reason for the present letter: as I reached C&CitB after having finished 'Driving Rain', I realized that its booklet is gone! I couldn't find it anywhere. So I could not re-read some of the lyrics, and mainly, verify which instrument is playing in 'Jenny Wren', or the name of the delicate bell that beautifully chimes in 'Riding to Vanity Fair', just to mention a few of the reasons. Furthermore, I never download songs, I'm from the old style, I buy them all. And the booklet is an integral and fundamental part of the pleasure.
A little more about me and my passion: I use to write about The Beatles, as a hobby, and in 2004, I was inspired by C&C, and I wrote about it. And I used that booklet a lot, to do it. But I am not what we call laconic. I began to trace a parallel with your other one-man-band productions, and ended up in assembling a small essay (6 pages, small print) about some facts of your solo career, briefly, as a form of education for my readers. I will try to add such file to this message. I know it is in Portuguese, but I'm sure you have someone in your team who can read it.
And concerning the opportunities of seeing you, I was one of the 183,000 who saw the dream of watching a beatle come true, and saw you on Maracana stadium in 1990; the second time you were in Brazil, I was in a business trip to Colombia; but, finally, I was blessed with the greatest show of my life, in 2002, Compaq Center, Houston, you were great!
Back to the reason: I need that booklet so bad. Would your production kindly send me a replacement for that?
Furthermore, I own your Paul McCartney Collection CDs until Press To Play. After that, only the regular CDs. Did you continue to release the Collection? Is there a special release for Chaos & Creation?
Please don't let your memory almost full. Increase its capacity by continuing to be productive. Don't let that old German doctor influence it!!!
Well (and that's the final one), thank you for reading this one (this one ..this one .. this one)
Hoping to hearing from you, thus turning this humble fellow the most happy living person on Earth,
I remain,
Yours Sincerely
Homero Ventura
P.S. I will try other means for this letter to reach you, and I hope one of them will work!