terça-feira, 13 de outubro de 2009

Obama Peaceman

Dear friends from good old times.

Last October 4th marked the tenth anniversary of my arrival in Houston TX, beginning a period of 4.25 years of American way of life.

And also of learning much with you and teaching just a little. There were the new Successfull Efforts accounting, the terrible Trading invoices, the multiple tables from HeadQuarters, the Sarbannes Oxley rules, the auditors battles (internal and external), the auditors changes, the incredible aging in Procurement, the royalties recovery, your friendship, the lunches at Fogo. I'm sure I would be very much worried now with the multiple problems of Pasadena.

Although I miss my US years, I am very happy in my country. I live in a good apartment with wife, kids and mother-in-law. Unfortunately, my brother-in-law passed away exactly one year ago, after 55 years of handicapped life on Earth (this time), being carried, being fed, being bathed, being loved and illuminating us all with his smile. Well, life goes on!

I am still fully aware of the US developments, the crisis, the rise of Obama, and I kindly ask you to contribute with a brief poll!

Would you please express your opinion about Mr. Obama award of the Peace Nobel Prize?

If you wish not to share your opinion with the others of the list, please reply straight to me (do not use the Reply-to-all-option). I would like to make a compilation of people who live there, about the subject. I promise not to nominate the opinions. By the way, Alvaro has already answered, in Portuguese, a former message on the 'obamatter'. By the way, I could not find Jenny in the list, is she still working there?

Unfortunately, my present position does not give much opportunity for traveling, so I use the electronic way of talking to you!

Thanks for the attention!

Best regards

I leave you with my 'obamantra':

OBAMMMMMMMMMMMMAHomero Believing in the Future Ventura

3 comentários:

  1. Homero,
    Your brother-in-law lived as long as he did because of all the love that was around him. I had a Grandmother that lived to be almost 106 and I totally believe she lived that long because she had a wonderful "Jamaican Lady" who was her caretaker for the last 14 years of her life. Daisy would not leave to go on vacation for fear that my Grandmother would die. For my Grandmother's 100th birthday we gave Daisy tickets to fly back to Jamaica and she turned them down. My grandmother also had 16 Grandchildren, 22 great grand children who showered her with visits. I know that is what was the reason for her longevity.

    Two years ago I had to have a lumpectomy in the other breast. It again was stage 1 breast cancer. Non invasive. Had 8 weeks of radiation. Now I have go be vigilant with my check ups.

    About Obama - from Brazil what is his image? We are all concerned about our freedoms being taken away. We in this country had the best health care only because it is not controlled by the government and free enterprise allows us to have the research which provide much of the world with cures and procedures which save lives and make lives of the ones with illness much more livable. The main problem is not everyone here has health care - there are many ways to improve that rather than bring in public health care. I will leave it at that. I am not happy with the way our country is going under his administration. I really do not think he has the experience to serve in the position.

    Take care and let is know when you are coming to town. Would love to see you.

  2. He, in my opinion, was the wrong person to receive this award. It was just a political move - only American people of democratic persuasion have ever received this award. I think they are banking on him not starting any other conflicts i.e. Iran. I also think they are hoping they can influence him to be more non-American than he already is since they do not like the American. I feel that the American troops should have received this award. They are out there day and night trying to remove the terrorist who threaten all countries in this world including their own home lands. Also what about the Dalai Lama. Thank you for asking and I do not mind telling you. Don't get me started on our President 0 (Zero) and O (Obama).

    Now that I have taken care of that I want to say how much we miss you up here. I am glad you are happy in Rio and that things are going well for you. I also want to pass on my condolences to you about your brother-in-law's death. It sounds like he live a full life under hard circumstances. It was probably a relief along with the grief of losing him.

    Keep in touch. Love hearing from you.

  3. Uau, they are really republicans!
    Bjs, Carol