domingo, 24 de outubro de 2010

Pre-Show Frustration

Dear fellows,

As preparation for one more McCartney moment in my liffe, the show is Sao Paulo, I finally opened my box McCartney Years..

Other McCartney moments were:
  1. As a Beatles fan since I was six, when I chose as birthday present an album for its fun cover of four lads on funny face expressions -  A Hard Day's Night, that in Brazil had the name 'Os Reis do YeYeYe';
  2. As a McCartney solo career fan, I followed every moment, with or withou Wings, with or without Linda;
  3. I was one of the 183,000 witnesses of his world record in Maracana Stadium, 1990;
  4. My whole family in Compaq Center, Houston, 2002, Back In Us Tour, great emotion
  5. The box was purchased more than two years ago, but only now I found the moment to check in video all great moments I had on disc.

I read the texts, the cronology, and finally put the DVD 1 on board.

Very good, but 40 minutes later, it reached to the end. STRANGE!
I went to the set list and verified that 5 songs were not performed. TOO BAD!
I tried the Commentaries, and sadly, ONLY ONE song was there, Tug of War. SHAME!
Then I tried the Extras. NOTHING!
Tried everything again, cleaned the disk. FLOP!!!

What should I do? I have no plans to go to Houston again, furthemore, I don't have the receipt any longer.

What should you do for me?

My Best Regards

Homero Ventura
Rio de Janeiro

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