quarta-feira, 18 de março de 2009

Mariana e Andrew

Allow me to mix a little,
Dear Mariana & Andrew,
Nesta mensagem a vocês.
I'll not try to be a hero,
Pois não é nada fácil
Rimar tudo em inglês.

A square you trace
among cities you care?
Half planet in space
And a mileage to scare!

Andy & Ma's 'little' world
Is very big indeed!
A ceremony three-fold
Is the minimum they need.

Lads from NZ,
London and Wonderful City...
Who could ever forsee
They would marry in Nikity?

It's the right time to marry.
Good time to celebrate.
Many moments to carry
Since that first date.

Learned to love eachother
And to put up with too.
Qual planta que se poda
Pra deixar tudo azul.

Se ficar juntos querem
Até velhinhos, há ciência:
Much Loving, Sharing, Caring
And a little bit of Paciência!

You'll be happy wherever you live!
And earn Pounds, Dollars and Euros!
But, we beg, the Earth don't leave!
Best regards from The Venturas!

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